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DH Drawings Ltd


Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Who are DH Drawings

DH Drawings are a local company working exclusively in the NE of England. We strive to provide all of our clients a speedy, professional service whilst at the same time keeping costs to a minimum.

Architectural Drawings & Design

Q. Does DH Drawings charge for alterations to my design

No. At DH Drawings we understand that during the initial design phase of any project our clients will require alterations to the drawings before they are ready to submit them.

The price we quote, is the price you pay. DH Drawings do not believe in hidden extras so any minor changes to drawings requested by either the planners or building control are already taken care of financially.

Q. How are the architectural drawings and designs produced

All our drawings are produced using the very latest in architectural design technology. As the drawings are produced electronically, alterations can be made simply and quickly, with electronic versions available for your records if needed.

Planning Permission

Q. Why do I need to have Planning Permission?

Planning control is the process of managing the development of land and buildings. The purpose of this process is to save what is best of our heritage and improve the infrastructure upon which we depend for a civilised existence.

Your local planning authority (LPA) – usually the district or borough council – is responsible for deciding whether a proposed development should be allowed to go ahead. This is called planning permission.

Most new buildings, major alterations to existing buildings and significant changes to the use of a building or piece of land need this permission.